Apr. 8th, 2017 11:24 pm
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I'm in Pennsylvania at the retirement community where my in-laws--now my mother-in-law--have lived for almost two decades, where we had a memorial for my father in law, Emil Caccavo: sage, educator, flirt, raconteur, lefty-progressive, mensch. Emil died last November at 99 and a half--about five days after the election; one of the people who spoke today suggested that when he discovered that Trump had been elected he decided not to hang around lest he get the traditional "Happy 100" card from a president for whom he had no use.

The memorial was full of laughter and stories I'd never heard, our nephew Gabriel's lovely fiddling, a spirited rendition of "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate" by my brother in law Steve, and two lovely poems by my mother in law Penny. We have met a bunch of Danny's relatives we'd never met before (including a couple Danny and his siblings had only heard about). The six grandchildren (ages 21-33) hung out together and there was much merriment. It was altogether splendid.

I'm a little over-peopled now and am falling over. Good night. Good night, Emil. Where ever you are, I'm betting you're enjoying yourself.


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