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I've found a theme I like better (not as nice as Square Space's red one, but readable and more distinctive than Connections one. (It's called "Elegant Grunge," which somehow strikes me as appropriate. Anyone care to take a look and weigh in?

caveat I got everything reordered, thanks to [ profile] sleary's excellent help...except that somehow the basic address doesn't work, except to show you the theme. If you try you will have better luck.

I promise to be more entertaining tomorrow. Really!

ETA: Again with [ profile] sleary's assistance I fixed the address problem and is working now.
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As I said earlier, I've also tried fashioning a Sarah Tolerance site on Wordpress. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way yet to make the blog part the last part, so that's what you get when you first check in. But, following [ profile] ramblin_phyl's suggestion, I wrote a piece about the earliest inspiration for Miss Tolerance.

The material there is pretty much exactly the same as the material on the Squarespace site. And I am not in love with the design (I added the sword, and the line art--everything else is pretty much as Wordpress gave it to me after I selected from their gajillion themes, most of them almost exactly alike). I really like the richness of the red in the Squarespace design. And I'm still figuring out how to massage all the stuff in the sidebar...

Anyway, if it's rainy where you are and you have a few minutes to spare and want to drop an opinion into the hat, it would be appreciated. It's at

As always, thank you for your kind attention!


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