Apr. 28th, 2017

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I may have mentioned that Becca, the daughter formerly known as Avocado, decided to take this semester off and go traveling, mostly because she felt like if she didn't scratch the Gotta Get Up and Go itch soon she'd explode and never finish her degree.

So Monday night she flew off for 3 1/2 months, after having worked since Christmas to get the money for this expotition. She has a 2-month Eurail Pass, a booking on the train from London to Paris in a week or so, a friend to crash with in Paris, and plans plans plans. Otherwise the trip is unstructured. She is, in fact, doing exactly what I did at her age--wandering in other countries. But I never got photographed for a website that celebrates "street fashion" (honest to God. Kid could make friends and influence people at the bottom of a well).

And through the miracle of cellular technology we are getting even more texts from her than when she was sitting upstairs in her bedroom.


madrobins: It's a meatloaf.  Dressed up like a bunny.  (Default)

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