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2017-06-02 07:44 am

Wonder Woman

After the dreadful gray grim dark of the last two Superman films (and Suicide Squad was pretty grim itself) DC has finally made a film in which the final answer is not The World is an Awful, Terrible Place and the Only Way To Win is to be Awful and Terrible. I really really enjoyed it, and hope it does smashingly well.

I may even go see it again. Just to do my economic part.
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2017-05-18 06:29 am

(no subject)

Of all the life goals I didn't know I had, one is apparently to have created a character that could be mentioned in the same breath as Harriet the Spy. But it has happened and I find myself utterly chuffed about it.
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2017-04-28 07:42 am

Far-Flung Beagle

I may have mentioned that Becca, the daughter formerly known as Avocado, decided to take this semester off and go traveling, mostly because she felt like if she didn't scratch the Gotta Get Up and Go itch soon she'd explode and never finish her degree.

So Monday night she flew off for 3 1/2 months, after having worked since Christmas to get the money for this expotition. She has a 2-month Eurail Pass, a booking on the train from London to Paris in a week or so, a friend to crash with in Paris, and plans plans plans. Otherwise the trip is unstructured. She is, in fact, doing exactly what I did at her age--wandering in other countries. But I never got photographed for a website that celebrates "street fashion" (honest to God. Kid could make friends and influence people at the bottom of a well).

And through the miracle of cellular technology we are getting even more texts from her than when she was sitting upstairs in her bedroom.
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2017-04-23 10:42 am

Reading Tonight

I am sure I forgot to mention that I'm reading at SF in SF tonight, along with Pat Murphy and Jewelle Gomez, and moderated by the lovely and talented Terry Bisson.

Doors open at 5:30. Program begins at 6:30. And because it's at the American Bookbinders Museum (355 Clementina Street, off 5th Street, in the South of Market district) there are lots of cool things to look at. Plus cool people to talk to.

If you're in the area and want to drop by, please do. It should be fun for all.
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2017-04-16 12:34 pm

Alas, the Bunny

Happy Easter, for those for whom this is a Thing. I have celebrated by making cornmeal waffles for late breakfast. Most years, I have also made Easter Bunny Meatloaf (see icon). But this year, as Becca (the entity formerly known as Avocado) is vegetarian, Julie (formerly Sarcasm Girl) is living in Davis with her Beau Joe, and I'm damned if I'm going to make Bunny loaf for Danny and me and something else with equal festive punch for just Danny and me, we go Bunny-less.

Except in my heart, of course.

Happy day.
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2017-04-08 11:24 pm


I'm in Pennsylvania at the retirement community where my in-laws--now my mother-in-law--have lived for almost two decades, where we had a memorial for my father in law, Emil Caccavo: sage, educator, flirt, raconteur, lefty-progressive, mensch. Emil died last November at 99 and a half--about five days after the election; one of the people who spoke today suggested that when he discovered that Trump had been elected he decided not to hang around lest he get the traditional "Happy 100" card from a president for whom he had no use.

The memorial was full of laughter and stories I'd never heard, our nephew Gabriel's lovely fiddling, a spirited rendition of "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate" by my brother in law Steve, and two lovely poems by my mother in law Penny. We have met a bunch of Danny's relatives we'd never met before (including a couple Danny and his siblings had only heard about). The six grandchildren (ages 21-33) hung out together and there was much merriment. It was altogether splendid.

I'm a little over-peopled now and am falling over. Good night. Good night, Emil. Where ever you are, I'm betting you're enjoying yourself.
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2017-04-04 11:20 pm

I appear to have relocated

I knew Live Journal was on its way out, but I didn't realize how... emergent the relocation effort would need to be--until this morning when I went in to see what was up and got gobsmacked with the new TOS. I have no problem with taking my business elsewhere, but I had meant to download all the entries I had on my LJ before I went. Now I either have to agree to the TOS to get my posts back, or kiss them--and a number of memories--g'bye.

That's a decision for tomorrow.
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2017-03-19 01:02 pm

We Are Out of Coffee...

... and even so I have cleaned myself and the bathroom and kitchen. But I'm flagging. I may need to go acquire beans. The problem with being the only coffee drinker in the house is that I cannot twist someone else's arm to go out and get coffee for me. Life is hard.
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2017-03-10 07:02 am


I always seem to remember to post these things at the last minute (which is today) but:

I'll be at Fogcon this weekend, a lovely small lit-focussed convention held in the Bay Area (and accessible by BART, which I intend to prove this afternoon). Excellent people (this year's Guest of Honor is Delia Sherman)  If you happen to be in the neighborhood, I'll be doing a two panels and a reading, as follows:

Friday, 8pm: Writing Between Genres
Are you writing a book that is both science fiction and fantasy? Do you have a an idea for a story which is both a romance and a crime thriller? What happens if your book is not easily categorizable, neither fish nor fowl? Can it get published, or is it doomed to fall through the cracks? This panel will discuss how to succeed cross-genre, and how to market the interstitial nature of your work as a selling point, not a problem needing solving.

Friday, 9pm: Reading with Laura Blackwell, Garrett Calcaterra, Nancy Jane Moore, and me. I will read my new collaboration with my daughter Becca. What could go wrong?

Saturday, 8pm: Between the Pixie and the Crone, with Emily Jiang, JK, Ellen Klages, and. All about middle aged women--"the invisible infrastructure" in SF. Really looking forward to this one.

If you're there, come say Hi. If you're not... well, come some time. It really is a nice con.
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2017-03-05 10:43 am

Holy Whatever

It's like someone up there is trying to prove a point about, like, climate irascibility: already today before noon: bright sunshine, brief downpour, sunshine, sprinkle, sunshine, and, then, just now: Hail.

I'm not even going to ask WTF. I know we've needed the rain, but no where is it written that we need the hail.

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2017-02-10 08:31 am

Asking for a Friend

I now have more than 10 years of LJ entries. Does anyone know if there is a way to download them, short of cutting/copying each bloody one?
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2017-02-07 07:41 am

How Quickly the Worm Turns

A year ago we were not flushing the toilets until the need was dire, and under-washing the dishes, and never mind watering the yard (which we're really good at; I can never-mind-the-yard like nobody's business). We were grateful for any drop of water falling from the sky. Emily had forgotten that this was a thing (well, she's a dog; the amount of memory she expends on rain is minimal at best).

Today it is pouring down buckets, as it has been doing, intermittently, since November. I will get out my rain boots and go forth to work. But I gotta say that even the California mantra "But we need the rain" is, by this time, to this non-Californian, ringing a touch hollow.
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2017-01-22 09:53 pm

A One Woman Riot

Yes, I did the San Francisco Women's March yesterday. It was great: pouring rain most of the time, initially so crowded that we could not move (if Danny had been there he'd have been subvocalizing "moooooo"), but so charged with good will, kindness, and the will to work to make the nation its best self. I did not have a pussy hat; I didn't have a sign (I'd come straight from work), but it didn't matter.

Here, have a song, and the story behind it.
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2017-01-11 07:27 pm

Rumors of...

... everyone over at LJ seems to be planning to move to Dreamwidth wholesale on account of Russia. I'm always the last to know (to be fair, I've been so up to my ears in Lifeā„¢ that I wouldn't have noticed if a giant foot had come down and mashed LiveJournal flat, a la Monty Python). It's been long enough that my old posts use my "my kids are under 21" nicknames.

So I'm attempting to jumpstart my DW posts. What's new?

Um... Julie had an exploding appendix and was saved by 1) her boyfriend Joe, who got her to the hospital despite her "nah, it's just... OW... it's just..." demurs; 2) a good surgeon who got her 'gnarly appendix" out and cleaned up the mess it was attempting to leave behind and 3) the Affordable Care Act, so that she is likely not to be drowned in debt while she's looking for a job.

After Julie was back on her feet again, Joe proposed. So there's that.

Becca is taking a semester off from college to 1) earn money to 2) go to Europe for a couple of months. Until she gets some traveling in she will not be able to hunker down and do the last two years of her undergraduate degree, so it seemed sensible. In the meantime, she's living with us, which is, predictably, both heaven and hell.

I am Operations Manager at a small museum in San Francisco with all the predictable joys and woes of a small non-profit organization. From day to day it's a roller-coaster ride.

Emily is still a dog. Creakier than she used to be, but still a dog.

What's up with you?
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2016-12-25 10:42 am


This has been a challenging year, but this morning we gathered--two daughters, one-soon-to-be-son-in-law, one dog, Danny and I--to eat doughnuts, open stockings, and then presents. In honor of Julie's songwriting talents (see below) Julie got artichokes in her stocking; Becca got avocados, and Joe got a stalk of Brussels sprouts. I love my family.

Whether this is your holiday or not, may your day be peaceful and sunny, your health good, your toes warm and your home full of delicious smells and more-delicious foods. May the year ahead exceed your hopes for health and good work.

And Julie's pre-op Artichokes for Christmas carol:

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2016-12-19 08:35 am


Yesterday was the last day of Dickens Fair, and I went off to do my sewing thing. But because it was Sunday, and Julie's sweetie Joe holds "Cockney Church" on Sundays, after I got things set up I toddled down to Mad Sal's Ale House to watch the fun. The last day there is a Nativity scene (including a large man playing the baby Jesus in a union suit and...a kilt?) and much song, interspersed with Joe's lovely, highly researched by totally goofy homilies on texts from the Bible.

Here, for example, is the Nativity, with Julie dead center, playing a slightly crazed Virgin Mary:

What I wasn't expecting was for one of the homilies (read by Mad Sal herself) to turn into Joe's proposal of Marriage to Julie. RIght there in front of the audience--and The Guv 'imself, Dad (God).  It was wonderful. Not a dry eye in the house.

And I understand that Julie was so overwhelmed with joy that she got sick after the fair and puked in the car driving back to Davis. Joe cannot say he doesn't know what/who he's getting. Me, I'm waiting for the video to show it to Danny.
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2016-11-27 05:54 pm

Chalk One More Up to November.

This has been a tough week. In addition to Julie's surgical adventures, we lost Danny's lovely father, Emil Caccavo. It's hard to sum Emil up in a sentence or two: he was funny, passionate about social justice, a teacher, an entrepreneur (he always had a terrific idea for a new scheme). He was a father and a husband, loved by his family, and damned near everyone who knew him. The kind of guy who'd flirt with the waitress just enough to embarrass his kids.
He was 99 1/2, and the end was a long, gentle decline rather than an abrupt or traumatic stop. He'll be deeply missed--but he left the world a better place whan he found it, and not everyone can say that.
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2016-11-24 02:23 pm

Thankfully: Julie's Sprung

Portrait of a woman lighter one appendix and full of delicious painkillers. And on her way home.
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2016-11-23 08:05 am

WTF November (WTF 2016, for that matter)

Along with the awful that was the election and threatens to be the next four years in my country (a country which I love and in whose potential I believe), and the deaths of some people I loved and admired... my daughter Julie went to the hospital last night with what turned out to be a ruptured appendix. The offending item has been removed, strong antibiotics are being applied, and we have reason to believe that she'll be up and dancing in what will seem like an age to her, but will really be pretty quick.

But as I keep quoting, first at Julie and then at November in general: "You really delight in these sadistic strains on my blood pressure, don't you?" (from The Little Mermaid, if you were wondering.)
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2016-10-28 01:33 pm

All Whitehall in a Nutshell

Or rather, all Whitehall in a single ebook. If serialized fiction--and waiting for the next chunk of it--is not your bag, but you were interested in Whitehall, the episodic story of Catherine of Braganza, Barbara Palmer, and King Charles II, you're in luck.

Whitehall is now available in ebook form! Wherever, as the phrase goes, fine ebooks are sold. Really: run right over and pick up your copy today.